Hello! We are 5 students in the group of Technology. Each one has a different task: Dani is the spokestman, he and Maria do the writing, Olga and Vanesa are given and Lucia writes the diary.


On the first day, before the instructions, it’s time to distribute the tasks, make the groups and give us the box of the robots.



Before revisings the pieces and chekings, we started to construct it.



A week later, we can’t spend the whole lesson constructing, and we get to the 39th section.



On next Thursday we can construct because we were on a school trip.



On the fourth day (the third in the process) we make progress in the robot assembly, and we start to write the blog entry, but we have a small problem: the batttery isn’t charged and we need to give it to the teacher to charge it. 


20140220_105337 Preparing the material





We are pupils who study 3º ESO at IES “Santiago Grisolía” in Cuenca. We are participating in this Lifelong Learning Programme: “Learning language with robots” (Robslang) together with the Instituto Comprensivo Lorenzi in Fumane (Italy).

We have created this website to show how we are working on the project in the technology class.

IES Santiago Grisolía is located in the neighbourhood of Villa Román, in the east of Cuenca. IES Santiago Grisolía was founded in 1989 and it is a preferential centre for mobility impaired students. We offer High School Education (ESO), Bachillerato (Scientific Technology and Humanities and Social Sciences, Professional Education (FP), and Qualification Programs for Initial Professional Training.

Regarding teaching and school organization autonomy and in order to get a better understanding of the educational practice and its context, we bet for Educational Innovation and the development of new digital technologies. We have also got involved in an important goal: to become a bilingual education centre, next school year. We are making the necessary arrangements and our teachers are training to achieve it.

In this context, we consider the participation in this bilateral project very interesting because it aims to enhance three working lines: the use of new technologies, increasing and improving the practice of the linguistic competence in other languages (English and Italian), and boosting technological readiness through technology classes and, at the same time, showing the robotics area as a field of innovative and motivating knowledge for our students.

Somos alumnos de 3º ESO del IES “Santiago Grisolía” de Cuenca. Estamos participando junto con el Instituto Comprensivo Lorenzi de Fumane (Italia) en el Programa de aprendizaje: Aprendiendo idiomas con robots (Robsland).

Hemos creado esta web para enseñar lo que estamos trabajando en las clases de Tecnología sobre este proyecto.

El IES “Santiago Grisolía” se ubica en el barrio de Villa Román, en el este de Cuenca. El IES “Santiago Grisolía” fue fundado en 1989 siendo centro preferente de alumnos con discapacidad motórica. Ofertamos Educación secundaria (ESO), Bachillerato (científico tecnológico y de Humanidades y Ciencias Sociales), Formación Profesional (FP) y Programas de Cualificación Profesional (PCPI)

Para mejorar en la práctica educativa apostamos como centro por la innovación educativa, por el desarrollo de las nuevas tecnologías digitales. Incluso estamos inmersos en una importante meta: convertirnos en centro de educación bilingüe, el próximo curso escolar. Estamos haciendo lo necesario y nuestros profesores se están preparando para este fin.

Dentro de este contexto, creemos que es muy interesante la participación en este proyecto bilateral, que pretende mejorar tres líneas de trabajo principalmente: el uso de las nuevas tecnologías, aumentar y mejorar la práctica de la competencia lingüística en otros idiomas (Inglés e Italiano), impulsar la preparación en nuevas tecnologías a través de la asignatura de Tecnología y así mismo mostrar el área de la robótica como un campo de conocimiento innovador y motivador para nuestros estudiantes.